The next meeting will be on Wednesday October 16. Otherwise, meetings are generally on the 3rd Tuesday of January, April, July, and October.

July, 2019 There was a public meeting about the new park. The name will be Coalmont Station Park. You can read a brief report included in the minutes.

April, 2019 Discussion continues about our proposed Satellite Fire Hall. In order to proceed we need to get a License Of Occupation. Also, we have applied to be registered as a Charitable Association and that is expected to be assigned to an officer in a few months. Thanks to our new secretary, Wendy Beer, for providing the minutes.

January, 2019 The AGM brought a few changes (minutes here). The 2019 executive is now Susan MacDonald, Chair; John Moss, Vice Chair; Penny Goodfellow, Treasurer; Wendy Beer, Secretary; Bill Allinott, Director; Ray Boyd, Director. There was also a motion to revert the meeting dates to the third Tuesday.

December, 2018 As can be seen in the minutes, there were some important motions at our Dec., 11 meeting. It was decided to go back to having regular meetings. They will now be on the second Tuesday of every third month. The next meeting will be our AGM on January 8, 2019.

February, 2018 We had our AGM and the officers are the same as before, except we dropped one director so now we only have two. CCA executive are listed on our ABOUT page. Our current focus is the Stout property park development and the possibility of a satellite fire station here.

October 20, 2017 The process of the RDOS taking legal possession of the Coalmont parkland donation from the Stout family has been finalised.

January 24, 2017 We did not have a quorum at this meeting. It was therefore not possible to hold our AGM or vote on anything. However, for the sake of continuity and to comply with the Societies Act of giving two week's notice, we did decide that we should hold an AGM on Tuesday February 21.

January 2016 The results of the January 19 AGM election are as follows: Ernie Rice, Chair; John Moss, Vice Chair; Kate Withers, secretary; Penny Goodfellow, treasurer; Ole Juul, communications; Bill Allinott, director; Jody Woodford, director. Note that it was decided to add three more directors.

January 2016 Please make a special effort to make it to our January 19 meeting as it will be at the Fire Hall in Tulameen and, although out of sync with our previous plans, we will hold our AGM.

The July meeting will be an important one. The most exciting discussion will be about the Stout family land donation. We will also be revisiting the idea of making meeting times more accessible.

AGM held February 3, 2015 - Ole Juul, Ernie Rice, and Penny Goodfellow, remain as Chairman, Vice Chair, and Treasurer. Kate Withers joins us as Secretary. Our new Area 'H' director, Bob Coyne, was present and we discussed the way forward.

Announcement - Due to unforseen circumstances, we have not been able to hold our AGM when expected. However, a firm date has now been set for this Tuesday, February 3, at the usual time of 7 p.m.

Reminders - The January meeting will be our election, but the most important is for us to find someone to take the minutes. This will also be our first meeting with the new Area 'H' director.

October Meeting Postponed to Wednesday - The next meeting will be on Wednesday October 22 instead of on the Tuesday. This is in order for Brad Hope, our current Area Representative, to be able to attend. This will be the last meeting with him.

July Meeting - We did not have a quorum and no decisions were made. There were several new people who had not been there before and it was an opportunity to discuss some local issues and the role of the community as a group.

January Meeting - Discussion of the new tax increases dominated our last meeting. Despite doubling of the Fire Protection tax, people understand that our volunteer fire fighters really need some actual monetary support in order to do the job. Also, Provincial rules have changed and we will want our volunteers and the station to be certified so that we can all qualify for fire insurance. Another tax concern was the Tulameen Recreation Tax. (see here) However, a major contention is with the percentage that we pay toward Princeton services and ameneties. Area 'H' pays considerably more than Princeton residents do, and this despite the fact that they have a larger population. It is hoped that this inequiety will be repaired this year.

January 2014 - In order to have our Regional Representative join our meeting, it has been postponed one day and will now be on Wednesday January 22, at 7 p.m. The Hotel is operating again and we will be able to have our meeting there. In the event that there could be too much interference with regular customers, we can move into the dining room.

Our regular meeting place has been the Coalmont Hotel, but unfortunately it is now closed and we don't know when it will reopen - or even if it will be available to us in the future. At the last minute, John and Cindy Moss have generously offered the use of their house. One of the things we will be discussing at that meeting is the possibility of securing a future meeting place of our own. As it turns out, there is now some money available from RDOS which could be put toward such a project. Director Brad Hope will be on hand to advise us on how we can proceed with that.

Happy New Year! The CCA has done well and community spirit has been vibrant. Coalmont is now 101 years old and feeling as young as ever. Although there has not been much impact in Town from the various mines in the area, the arrival of Coalmont Energy Corporation does add a bit of life. As the mine site nears completion and the operation really gets going, we can also expect to see more new faces around. You will get news of developments on the Coalmont Courier and our community bulletin board by the mail boxes is also a good place for notices.

The April meeting covered a number of topics, but the main one was the KVR usage issue. As per the wishes of the group, a press release was sent out. (see pdf here) Volunteers are also going to help organize a party to celebrate the 100th year of the Coalmont Hotel. The minutes of the meeting can be found on the information page and you can read the Chairman's report here.

Our second meeting was a great success! It was wonderful to see so many Coalmontians in agreement. In fact we all agreed on the same name and can now call ourselves the Coalmont Community Association. Long live the CCA! Read more here.

Further to the discussion which arose at the last meeting about KVR trail usage by motorized vehicles, there is now a comprehensive explanation in this article: Regarding the motorized vehicle usage controversy on the Trans Canada Trail.


The Coalmont Community Association is a not-for-profit group working to keep its members and the community informed. The Association will consider the interests of the entire community in decision making. The Association wishes to encourage:

  • A positive sense of belonging to the community.
  • Preservation of our history and lifestyle.
  • Keeping taxation increases within the rate of inflation and
    ensuring that the benefits match our contributions.