The Coalmont Community Association is organized by and for the residents of the town of Coalmont and area. We are incorporated under the BC Societies Act as S-0065752. Current officers are: Susan MacDonald, Chair; John Moss, Vice Chair; Wendy Beer, secretary; Penny Goodfellow, treasurer; Bill Allinott, director; Ray Boyd, director. We can be contacted by email:


The Coalmont Community Association is a not-for-profit group working to keep its members and the community informed. The Association will consider the interests of the entire community in decision making. The Association wishes to encourage:

  • A positive sense of belonging to the community
  • Preservation of our history and lifestyle
  • Keeping taxation increases within the rate of inflation and
    ensuring that the benefits match our contributions


The constitution defines the operation, principles, and strucure of the Coalmont Community Association which will also be known as the CCA.

  1. It is the intention of the CCA to include in its membership all landowners, regardless of whether they reside here or not. Furthermore, people who live in Coalmont and surrounding area and who might rightly call themselves Coalmontians, have equal voting rights to landowners and are also encouraged to participate.
  2. The CCA will keep a list of members for the purpose of communicating with them on matters relating to our mission statement. This list will only contain names of people who wish to be on it and will only be used by, and available to, the executive. It will be the intention to keep this list private and not divulge names to any third party unless legally required to do so.
  3. The CCA will have an executive composed of four positions. These are: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. These will be voted upon at group meetings.
  4. Except for purely administrative work, the executive will not make decisions on behalf of the group. Decisions will be voted upon at meetings, and there must be a quorum of twelve (12) members present.
  5. Meetings will take place four times a year and will be held on the third Tuesday or Thursday of the month or as close as possible. Months for meetings will be January, April, July, and October. Executive elections are to be held in July.
  6. The executive is to serve for one year. An exeption is that the current executive (elected at first meeting) will serve until voting at the July 2013 meeting.
  7. Special meetings can be called by the Executive as covered by the Society’s Act. The quorum of 12 also applies to these meetings.